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Free computer diagnostics

Same Day Computer Repair Service*

  • $75.00 for simple cleaning.
  • $175.00 if the Windows operatings system needs to be reinstalled.

*We will start your computer repair job right away. Same day turnaround depends on bringing it in early enough and may not always be possible, especially on older operating systems, due to the time required to reinstall operating systems.

  • Security updates are vital to protect your system.
  • Beware of unusual emails from someone you know, especially if they request money, account or computer access or personal information.
  • Most successful cyber scams require the victim to give up something to make it work.
  • Nothing will protect you if you try hard enough to get infected. Back up your data and use an antivirus program.

Computer Repair Services

  • Virus Removal
  • Data Recovery
  • New Computer Setup and Data Transfer
  • Gaming Upgrades
  • Custom Built Systems to meet your needs within your budget.

CEO Taters can remove any virus!

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