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Laptop Screen Repair

Did you break your laptop screen? Don't worry we can help replace your broken LCD or widescreen LCD laptop screen. We will need you to bring your laptop in to our computer shop located in Long Beach, to figure out extractly what part we need to order.

Laptop Screen Replacement

Here are a few signs it might be time to replace your screen:

  • Is your laptop screen flickering?
  • Do you have black lines going down the screen?
  • Does the screen become very dark after a few minutes?

To figure out how much it would cost to fix your laptop screen call us today for a free quote (562) 452-7522

Did I lose my data if my screen is broke?

  • Depending on how the screen was broken you will still have a good chance that your data is intact. We can help you trasnfer your data to a USB stick or new computer.

Do you fix broken tablets?

Is my laptop even worth repairing?

  • If you laptop is older then 4 years we recommend just buying a new laptop. You can get a decent laptop for about $400. We recommend looking for any laptop that has an Intel i5 processor or better. Call us if you need any help selecting a new laptop.

How much do laptop screens cost to replace?

  • Depdning on the problem of the laptop screen, the part can cost any where between $100 - $150.

How long will it take to replace my laptop screen?

  • Typcally if we can easily find the part it takes about 2-4 days to replace your laptop screen.

Can you fix Apple Laptop Screens?

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